BMC Client: I’m Possible Training

Led by NBA skills enhancement trainer, Micah Lancaster,I’m Possible Training (IPT) is one the world’s most recognized and respected basketball training brands. IPT trains some of the biggest names in basketball — Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Victor Oladipo, Dwayne Wade, and Jewell Lloyd.



A bad first impression is hard to shake, especially when you’re competing against hundreds of contenders in the skills training arena. So, while IPT was living out their mission as the “world’s number one basketball training movement,” their branding felt more Uncle Drew than it did Kyrie Irving. We were brought onboard to create a visual identity that reinforced IPT and it’s merchandising division, I’m Training, as top-notch, international skills training organizations that empowered and equipped  players of all levels – from 4th grade boys and girls to NBA and WNBA superstars.

We also created a host of supporting graphics — icon set and social media graphic suite, along with defining an updated color palette, typography, and UI style guide for the online app.

Since the initial rebrand in 2012, IPT has opened training facilities in four countries, launched one of the most robust online basketball skills training apps and expanded it’s program to include more than 60 certified trainers, worldwide. Also, IPT’s merchandising division, I’m Training, saw a 320% growth in sales after the launch of their newly branded Rip Cones, Medicine Balls, and training DVDs and manuals.