Kareem Washington | Vice President

With a knack for the unconventional, Kareem’s aim is to bring a fresh look to any project he takes on. Whether your business is brand new or fully developed, he always treats your business with the care and professionalism that you deserve.

Noticing a natural gravitation towards art, Kemah gifted Kareem his first version of Photoshop at the age of 14. A self taught artist, he developed his skills over the years to earn himself a full-time spot on the Brandilly MC team in 2014. He strives to push the boundaries of his capabilities and creativity; taking your brand to the next level.

In addition to design, Kareem is a habitual experimenter. Whether it’s road tripping somewhere new, deciding to run a 10 mile race, or just trying out a funky new vegan recipe, he’s never afraid to just go for it!