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Jon Long | Back-end Web Developer


Web Wiz. Fire-Putter-Outer. Best Uncle EVER!

A self-proclaimed “troubleshooting expert,” putting out (digital) fires is sort of Jon’s thing. Custom WordPress plugins? No problem. Tying in multiple eCommerce systems? Sure. Working 18-hour days to build a one-of-a-kind healthcare portal in 2 weeks… Aww hecky yeah!

A Charlottean since birth, Jon’s been building websites since he was 12 years-old. Now this self-taught programmer’s “cool hobby” earns him a living developing tailored web solutions for BrandillyMC’s clients.

When he’s not saving the world from badly written code or thwarting the plans of evildoing hackers, Jon enjoys gaming and spending time with his family — especially, his nephew.

Email: jon@brandilly.com | Phone : (919) 278-7896